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FlipKarona is India's Leading online Certified Resale business platform for Great Value Refurbished Electronic Gadgets. It provides an absolute hassle free Selling, Buying , Renting Experience over the used Refurnished products such as Laptops, Mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, Desktops, Tablets ,Gadgets and  Accessories. It is the most reliable and trustable ecommerce startup platform to help you with 100% Verified products along with Warranty & Replacements for your deliverables and above all great Value for Money . At FlipKarona we strive to achieve highest level of 'Customer satisfaction' by Our cutting edge e-commerce platform, Innovating & Enterprising Teams and State of the Art Customer Care Center. Our Registered Customers are our Most Valued Premium Member as they use our platform to trade Quickly, Easily, Safely, Conveniently. We constantly Refresh our range of products from smartphones to tablets , as we are always on the lookout for the 'Next Big Thing' that’s going to 'Revolutionise' the way we go about our day. Our Values aren't just words on a page - we learn to live them every day & measure our success.


Unlike other e-commerce portals the most Unique part at FlipKarona is the customers are provided with good exchange offers up to 10 to 20% on the actual price of a product. Our Partners enjoy Fantastic Commission Rates, a wide range of eye catching Advertising Artwork and independent Tracking . Each products are cross checked and verified by our expert Quality Testing Team before listing them in our ecommerce portal. In this way we provide a transparent ecommerce experience to our buyers with a great value for money. Every day thousands of people use FlipKarona to declutter their homes or to make a little extra money for themselves . Partner with us and Start Earning 


We all have a lot of our tech items collecting dust in a junk drawer and with so many latest updates however, they quickly become out of date and we soon end up with everything, doing very little but cluttering up the place. So if you’re thinking about a clear out in your home or  need some extra cash in these unprecedented times or you need some great value refurbished tech to help you work from home & keep the kids entertained , then we' re here to help. Don’t let your Gadgets gather dust - find out how much is it worth and start earning. 


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At FlipKarona, our quality checks, refurbished process and testing are second to none. Each device undergoes extensive in-house refurbishment with 90 checks performed on some items, to ensure the tech you buy is of fantastic quality at fraction of the original price. We are so confident that you will love your refurbished device that we offer free with 12 months Warranty & 14 Days Money Back Guarantee



We Guarantee to pay you the full amount Quoted or Send your Tech back to you for FREE, yes FREE.


FLIPKARONA- How does it Work?  


When you Enter an Tech item, we’ll give you an Instant Offer Price based on the description provided. Occasionally, after carrying out our Quality Assessment Checks, we find the item differs from the description provided. It could be in a different condition or a different make and model than described. Unfortunately, when this happens, we may have to reduce our initial offer price. If this is the case with your item, you’ll receive an Email with a Revised offer price. You’ll then have 14 days to Accept or Decline the offer using the link provided. If you Accept We guarantee to pay you the full amount quoted  and  if you Decline, we’ll Return your item FREE of Charge. It really is that Simple!