Refund Returns: You are entitled to change your mind and ask for a refund within 14 days of receipt of your order. The product must be in the original condition in which it was sent and must include an invoice or any paperwork sent with the item. If device sent back is in lesser condition you may only be entitled to a percentage of the original purchase price.


Warranty Returns: The Warranty will only cover internal faults and does not cover the following:

Damage caused by liquid, Intentional damage, Damage caused by dropping the product or mistreatment, Damage caused by attempting to repair or adapt the device by yourself or a third party ,Physical Damage such as Cracks or Breaks ,Repairs undertaken by a third-party company, Improper use of accessories, Faults or damage that may arise due to normal wear and tear – e.g. scratches to touchscreen, Acceptable Battery life depletion, Any handset that has been Jailbroken or rooted after sale, Screen burn that has developed over the time of ownership, If the device does have any of these issues, the Warranty would then be considered to be void and we would no longer be able to accept a return.