SELLWe ensure our Resellers /Franchisee Partners enjoy great Selling experience on our website, with Fantastic Commission Rates, wide range of eye catching Advertising Artwork and independent Tracking .

FlipKarona Registered Premium Members  can 'Sell' their products on our website and not for one time Users

Get KYC Done -Upload the Required ID & Address Proofs - List your Products - Start Selling
Sign up for Membership - Get personal details verified with KYC  - List the item you wish to sell - Upload Image with Description - Quality Test to Judge condition of the item- If Criteria met, Price Recommended - User Satisfied with Price & Gives consent to sell - Device picked 24-48 hours from their Address - Instant Cash Payment
Products Listed on our websites have huge discounts/ offers  /commissions that no one in the market can offer & Assured Sales
Our Partners enjoy Fantastic Commission Rates, a wide range of eye catching Advertising Artwork and independent Tracking .
No minimum or maximum Limits for the items sold
Bulk Selling Discounts earned for the selling of  2 or more same product or products 
Instant Cash Payments making it Convenient and Secure 
Quality Check ,Marketing , Replacement & Delivery taken care by our Team & Quick Turn Around Time
Repair & Upgrade Service at your Doorstep, No hassles
Buy Back Guaranteed- Sell back the item in 1 year, in good working condition
Become a legal owner of our products  or the products you wish to sell on our website
Balance Amount / Commissions earned in the wallet can be used for the next purchase
Users can chat with buyers , without revealing their contact details
Best for Life time relationship user , not for one time users